Exhibitions – Demonstrate your ‘Why’

October 18, 2014

Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself”.   Of course, this may not be strictly true but it does emphasise the importance of being able to describe and demonstrate your services in a clear way.  If you can’t, you may not be in business for too long.

CB Benefits exhibited at Woking Means Business on Wednesday 15th October and it was a fantastic event.  We have found that exhibitions are a great way to demonstrate what we do, but more importantly, ‘why’ we do it.    Simon Sinek dedicated a whole book to the subject of ‘why’ and it is full of wonderful theories about how best to market your business. The general overwhelming message from the book is; when asked ‘what you do for a living’  most people will literally reply with their ‘what’.  End of conversation!   But if you start with ‘why’ this leads onto a whole new conversation.  And this is great, because if you’re not having a conversation with your prospects and building relationships, they ‘ain’t gonna be interested’ in you.  Here is a diagram of the ‘golden circle’ (mastered by companies like Apple), which provides clear communication of how companies can say ‘WHY they do something, HOW they do it and WHAT they do:


WHY, HOW and WHAT you do

Fortunately, CB Benefits are passionate about our ‘why’, therefore we are able to communicate this clearly. This helped tremendously at the Woking Means Business Exhibition to build some fantastic contacts and leads around our local community.
So when asked, ‘what do you do?’  Here is what we say:

  1. WHY – Our job is to help clients create a positive morale and culture within an organisation, helping companies and their employees to all move towards the same vision, ensuring that their morale and culture exceeds that of their competitors.
  2. HOW – We talk to the company and its employees to discover what will work best for their organisation. We love to get employees involved because they are the life blood of a business and how often do company owners think they know what their employees want, without actually asking them? The answer is ‘often’.  Once we’ve analysed the results and the company has agreed to proceed with our recommendations, we implement the plan clearly and creatively so all parties feel fully on-board with the process.
  3. WHAT – We do Employee Benefits.  Do you want some?

Woking Means Business was a great success and we built some fantastic relationships with companies such as:

Well done to Woking Means Business for organising such a well-received event and we look forward to exhibiting next year.

CBF team 2
Photo quality not great but you can see some pearly whites shining through.