Get more recognition with employee benefits

April 8, 2016
Be the one who motivates, inspires and innovates with employee benefits
Be the one who motivates, inspires and innovates

Get more recognition with employee benefits…

“A good leader brings results. A great leader writes a new story.” (Carlos Ghosn)

We all respond well to recognition of our efforts and we all respond well to positive motivation. Recognise your staff’s potential and achievements with employee benefits that are really worth something and you’ll motivate your staff, naturally encourage loyalty and engagement and ultimately see a new story written for your team.

It’s about so much more than money

Align your employee benefits with your business and your business values and your staff also start to get much more than financial rewards. They start to feel a sense of value in what they do and find their moral compass within your business. It might be as simple as having a bike to work scheme to reduce your carbon footprint, a volunteering scheme or making charitable donations in recognition of achievements. Or it might be just about having a decent pension. But it all starts with embracing the idea of employee benefits.

And guess what?

According to Employee Benefits Magazine, “75% of PricewaterhouseCoopers staff that volunteer say it is helping them to develop faster and further in their roles. Zurich Insurance has seen volunteers report improved wellbeing and happiness (53%), increased understanding and empathy (61%), and increased awareness of social issues (68%). Manchester Airport Group reports that engagement is 18% higher in employees that volunteer. Significantly, the absence rate of volunteers is more than 3% lower than that of non-volunteers.” Which isn’t bad for an act of kindness.

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