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Group Medical Insurance

Group Health Insurance is one of the most valued employee benefits available

A short guide to our Group Medical Insurance support

Your employees can bypass long NHS waiting lists, and it can help improve your company sickness and injury absensteeism. We can help find the right plan for you.

Company Medical Insurance provides medical treatment to employees. It allows staff to receive medical care quickly, and bypass NHS hospital waiting lists. Group Healthcare typically allows employees to receive treatment on acute conditions.  Acute conditions are deemed to be curable with treatment.

Group Health Insurance

Healthcare is maybe the most complex of employee benefits because of the range of products available. Bigmore Benefits will help you cut through the confusion, and select the right scheme for you.

The Benefits

  • Group Medical Insurance can allow your staff to receive treatment quickly, bypassing NHS hospital waiting lists.
  • Most Healthcare providers now include health and reward benefits that can save employees money, and encourage employees to live healthier lifestyles.
  • The cost of Group Medical Insurance is typically less than if purchased individually. This is because the risk is spread over a group of employees.
  • The cost of Group Health Insurance can often be offset by ensuring your staff remain healthy and able to work.
  • Group Health Insurance can be seen as a valuable recruitment and retention tool.

Key Group Medical Insurance Product Considerations

Whilst the concept of Group Health Insurance may seem fairly simple, all group medical providers offer a range of different services and products. This can be confusing for companies when purchasing Group Health Insurance.  Key product considerations may be:

  • What underwriting option will you choose?
  • What level of excess do you require?
  • What is the most suitable hospital list for your company?
  • What level of benefits are going to be most suitable. For example, what level of outpatient treatment do you require? Do you require psychiatric care? Does the provider have a GP consultancy line?
  • How do provider products compare with each other?

Key company considerations

At Bigmore Benefits part of our objective is to gleam as much important information from you as we can, so we can assist you to make the right decision.  Here are some of the key company considerations we will discuss, when helping you reach a decision:

  • What is the current and future anticipated demographic of your workforce?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are your competitors providing their employees?
  • What are your current levels of sickness?
  • What range of roles do your employees perform?
  • Do you want to provide the same level of cover to all employees, or provide different cover levels to different categories of employees?
  • Are there any timing considerations for implementing cover? For example, do you want to align your Group Healthcare policy with your company financial year?

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We believe we provide the most comprehensive service available for Small Medium Enterprises. We will:

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"CB Benefits were personally recommended to us and from the first introduction, throughout the auto enrolment implementation and the continuing administration of the pension scheme, we have a received an excellent service. They had great communication throughout the whole process and always acted in an efficient and professional manner, which took the pressure of us, the client. Everyone was so helpful and always answered questions at the right technical level, especially Dave at his excellent presentation to our staff. Bandera is looking forward to a long working relationship with CB Benefits and we would definitely recommend them to other companies looking to auto enrol."

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Finance Director, Bandera Facilities Management Ltd

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