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Financial Planning FAQs

Your questions answered

Below is a list of questions our clients frequently ask the Bigmore Financial Planning team.

When should I see a financial adviser?
How do I know if I need a financial adviser?
I already have an accountant do I need a financial adviser?
How much money do I need to have a financial adviser?
When is the right time to invest?
Why advice over Do It Yourself?
How important is budgeting?
What information do I need to give you?
Can I discuss my circumstances before committing?
How long does it take to go through the process?
How do I access my money and what are the costs associated with doing so?
What returns can I expect?
What if I disagree with my adviser's recommendations?
What if I want to cancel?
Am I protected if my adviser were to go bust?

Working with Bigmore Associates

What areas of advice do you cover?
What are your service levels?
What is your fee structure?
Do you have expertise? How do I know that?
Why do I pay initial adviser charges on my investment with you?
Why do I pay ongoing adviser charges on my investments with you?
Why are fees set as a % and no ££ or hourly rates?
How often will we meet or be in contact?
Do you offer advice online?
Can I view my plans online?
How is my data protected?
What happens in my adviser leaves or retires?
How do you help vulnerable clients?
What if I am not happy with your service?

Retirement and Pensions

Can I afford to retire?
What happens if I run out of money in retirement?
Do I have to retire to take my pension benefits?
How much can I put into a pension a year?
What is the life time allowance and how will it affect me?
State benefits – what am I entitled to?
State benefits – how and when can I access?


Chartered or Certified Financial Planner what does it mean?
What does independent mean?
What is a discretionary fund manager?
What is an annuity?
What is drawdown?
What is ESG investing?
What is a market update and why do I need it?
What is pound cost averaging and how can it benefit me?
What is risk and how is it measured?
What is carry forward and how will it benefit me?
What is the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and how am I protected?

Bigmore Financial Planning

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"I fully recommend Bigmore Associates. Our Senior Financial Planner Julian is most professional and highly knowledgeable as is Adam their MD and all other members. A good old fashioned approach to great personal customer care blended with a highly competitive approach to cutting edge technology in the financial arena puts this company heads above others with extremely competitive fees, they cover all bases and offer excellent advice."

Steve Martin

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