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Mortgages FAQs

Your questions answered

Below is a list of questions our clients frequently ask the Bigmore Mortgages team of advisors.

Residential Mortgages

How much can I borrow?
How do interest rates impact mortgage repayments?
What level of deposit is required?
Does my credit score impact on my ability to obtain a mortgage?
What is a remortgage?
What is an offset mortgage?
What happens at the end of my fixed interest rate deal?
What costs are involved with getting a mortgage/buying a property?
How much will my mortgage payments be?
Can my parents gift me the deposit?
What type of interest rates are available?
When is stamp duty paid?
What is an early repayment charge?
What is the best mortgage term?
Do I need a solicitor?
What mortgage repayment types are available?
How long does the mortgage process take?
What is a mortgage/agreement/decision in principle?
I am self-employed, can I get a mortgage?
What evidence do I need to show to prove my income?
How do I know which lender is best for me?
Are there any age restrictions?
Do I need a Will in place?
Do I need insurance?

Buy to Let Mortgages

What level of deposit do I need to purchase a buy to let property?
What are the tax implications of owning a but to let property?
Can I purchase as a company rather than an individual?
How is a Buy to Let mortgage calculated?
Are the interest rates the same as a residential mortgage?
What EPC rating does the property need?
What is a HMO (House in Multiple Occupation)?
Do I need a tenancy agreement?
Are there any property restrictions with a Buy to Let mortgages?
I live overseas, can I obtain a Buy to Let mortgage?
What is a portfolio landlord?

Equity Release

What is equity release?
What is the difference between a home reversion plan and a lifetime mortgage?
Are there any age restrictions?
Can I retain ownership of my home?
Do I have to make monthly payments?
Can I pay off a Lifetime Mortgage early?
What is the equity release council?
What happens when I die?
Do I need a Will in place/can I amend my existing Will?
Can I move home?
Will equity release impact on my benefits received?
Do I need a solicitor?
How will this impact on inheritance tax?
Do I pay tax on equity release?
What is a no negative equity guarantee?
Do I need specialist advice?


Do I need protection?
Do I need to put my life policy into trust?
Can I cash in my life insurance policy?
What is terminal illness cover?
How do I make a claim?
How do I name beneficiaries?
What is mortgage protection life insurance?
Will my medical history impact my acceptance for cover?
What is Income Protection Insurance?
I have been made redundant; can I make a claim against my income protection policy?
Is the insurance pay-out tax free?
What happens if I stop making payments?
Will a successful Income Protection claim impact on my benefits?
What is a deferral period?
How long will income protection pay-out for?
What type of illnesses are covered in Critical Illness Cover?

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