Cheryl Finch

Marketing & Administration Manager  

Cheryl joined Bigmore Associates in 2019 working as Receptionist and Administrator. She quickly proved herself as a brilliant administrator and client facing member of staff, building great rapport with new and existing clients.

Cheryl transitioned over to the Will Writing business in 2021 to support Luke with client meetings. She has become an integral part in driving the business forward. Her dedication to her work and to client needs has helped the business grow from strength to strength.

Cheryl says, ‘I love working closely with clients. I especially enjoy being able to support them through exceedingly difficult times, where a good listener can make all the difference when they have just lost a loved one.’

Fun facts

  • Likes: Cheryl loves her classic Mini Cooper (called Alice) and classic car events
  • Supports: Chelsea Football Club (as it is her Dad’s team and she was born opposite).
  • Would love to visit: Anywhere with a beautiful beach and amazing sunrise/sunsets.
  • Loves: Her grandchildren, her dogs and travel.
  • Dislikes: Animal cruelty.
  • Life goals: To fulfil her bucket list of places to visit around the world.
  • Quote: ‘Be spontaneous. You never know where it may lead you.’
Cheryl Finch
Marketing & Administration Manager  
Bigmore Wills

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