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Georgia Loveday


Georgia began working part-time for Bigmore Associates in May 2021. She is a qualified primary school teacher and uses her 20 years of planning and organisation skills to support the financial controller across the business, processing adviser statements, invoices, and bills as well as reporting submissions to the team on a weekly basis.

Georgia enjoys the routine she has developed for systematically completing her work each day which makes job satisfaction extremely high. Her empathy for other people means that she responds effectively to requests from the Bigmores team, always striving to do the best that she can to help and is extremely grateful for the help that the team offers her.

Fun facts

  • Likes: Travelling, cats, walking, listening to the radio and fair-weather gardening.
  • Most like to visit: Iceland.
  • Hobbies: Bootcamps, pilates, crochet.
  • Interesting fact: Plays the clarinet (athough it is a bit dusty at the moment)
  • Quote: ‘Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.’

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