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Julian Strauss

Investment Director & Certified Financial Planner 

Julian joined Bigmore Associates in January 2019 as a Senior Financial Planner and was appointed as Financial Planning and Investment Director in June 2021. Highly qualified as a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and a Chartered Member of the Institute for Securities & Investment with over 27 years industry experience.

Julian’s passion is to help clients enjoy their lives with the peace of mind of knowing their money is invested in the right place for the right time. Julian also understands the importance of a great work life balance and loves spending time on walks with his wife, Michelle and their new Cockapoo, Maggie. In addition, Julian enjoys spending quality time with his two teenage sons, Josh & Caleb, out on the golf course (although they are much better than him).

Fun facts

  • Likes: Biltong – the South African staple.
  • Dislikes: Burnt meat on a BBQ.
  • My team: Arsenal and the Springboks.
  • Fun fact: Recorded his first contemporary music album in 1999.
  • Quote: ‘Seek first to understand before making yourself understood.’ – Steven Covey
Julian Strauss
Investment Director & Certified Financial Planner 
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Julian Strauss

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