Owen Salamao

Chartered Financial Planner

Owen started his career in financial planning back in 2014, just six months before the Coalition Government introduced pension freedoms. He has since become a qualified financial planner and is working towards achieving his chartered status.

Following the completion of his Banking & Financial planning degree, Owen soon realized that financial planners are not really in the ‘money’ business but are very much in the ‘people’ business.

Owen says: ‘As a financial planner our job is to guide and support our clients through the uncertainties of life, ensuring that they have a resilient financial plan in place that can weather any storm. My technical skills are merely the fuel to helping clients live the life they want.’

Owen is passionate about taking charge of his own time and loves working with people who interest and excite him. ‘Time is our most important asset, and the sooner we take control of how and who we spend our time with, the better.’

Fun facts 

  • Likes – Sports of any form
  • Quote – ‘Everything I can do to help let me do it now. For I shall never walk this path again.’
  • Favorite food – Prawns
  • Fun fact – I have visited 18 countries
  • Dislike – Rats (the rodent variety)
Owen Salamao
Chartered Financial Planner
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Owen Salamao

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