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Author: Jill Rensing

Mini Guide to Personal Protection

What is Personal Protection? Unlike car insurance, home contents insurance or travel insurance personal protection are insurance products that protect you from personal risk.  They

active vs passive investment

Active vs Passive Investment Management A common point of discussion when it comes to investing is active vs passive management. But is this terminology a true representation of the

The How of Bigmore Benefits When designing a benefits offering, having a framework ensures you are touching on every aspect of a person’s life where benefits can have an

The Why of Bigmore Benefits Employee benefits are paramount when it comes to being an enticing place to work. The options of benefits available are extensive and knowing which

pressured sale

Money Stories: The Pressured Sale

I recently had an issue with my washer/dryer. A 3-month-old machine flashing an indicator warning that specifically said to contact technical support if you experience

why you should review your will

Why You Should Review Your Will Many people think that once a Will is written, it does not need to be looked at again. This is not the case. Not

money diet

Book Review: The Money Diet

The Money Diet by Martin Lewis Martin Lewis is a familiar face when it comes to spending and saving money. You’ve probably seen him on

how timing impacts your investments

How Timing Impacts Your Investment Investments are impacted by what is happening in the world. In the last few years we have seen a pandemic, wars, high rates of