Author: Jill Rensing

compound returns

The Benefits of Compound Returns

Do you know how you can maximise compound returns? “The compound return is the rate of return, usually expressed as a percentage, that represents the

financial planning aspects

Financial Planning is for Everyone

Have you ever made a budget? Groceries, Christmas gifts, holiday fund, household expenses. If this answer is yes, then you have made a basic financial

meet the team member

Meet the Team Member: Cheryl Finch

A team without heart is a team without hope. Cheryl joined Bigmore Associates in 2019 working as Receptionist and Administrator. She quickly proved herself as

Payroll: The Right Solution for You

All companies, whether they employ 10 or 10,000 people, must have a payroll solution to legally pay their employees. There are various solutions available and

budgeting for your summer holiday

Budgeting for Your Summer Holiday

Budgeting for Your Summer Holiday As a family that loves to travel, we are already thinking about booking our Summer holiday. More than 6.5 million