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Financial Management for Families

Expert advice for all elements of family life. At all stages.

The financial needs of families are just as varied as families themselves, but the basic money management principles will be the same for all. Whether it’s planning for nursery or school fees, navigating increased rent or mortgage payments, holidays, retirement or inheritance tax considerations, having a healthy understanding of and relationship with your finances can take a great deal of pressure off a growing family.

Bigmore Associates has over 50 years experience guiding clients through the most impactful financial moments of their lives. With branches of our business covering every aspect of financial and logistical management for family life, we are uniquely placed to help you navigate all of life’s changing moments.

We can provide assistance with:

School and Care Fees

Expert advice designed to help you plan for the cost of school and care fees.

Savings & Investments

Expert Savings and Investments advice designed specifically to meet your short and long-term savings goals.

Tax & Trust Planning

Our tax advice and trust planning services focus on providing tax efficient investments to meet your own specific needs.


Providing you with professional pensions advice to help you save, tax-efficiently into a pension plan for a financially secure retirement.


Our professional financial planners will guide you throughout your retirement journey as your needs and income requirements change.

Wills, LPA & Probate

Planning for the inevitable can seem overwhelming. We are here to help.


First time buyers, remortgages, equity release.


With adequate personal protection in place, you and your family can have peace of mind.

Whether you are looking for one or all of these services, Bigmore Associates is here to help. 

The Team of Advisors

Adam Nettleship

Adam Nettleship MSWW Certs Cll (MP)
Managing Director Bigmore Associates

Adam started working for Bigmore Associates on work experience 20 years ago before joining as full-time employee. He has worked through every role in the business before taking over as a director 8 years ago. Highly qualified to chartered status Adam combines technical knowledge with strong experience in all aspects of financial planning.

Driven by a desire to help people and a belief in maximising efficiency, Adam has developed the services and products that Bigmore’s offers to enhance the financial advice experience. As the business owner, Adam ensures the highest standards of advice and service are upheld throughout the business in an ever-changing financial landscape.

Clare Ridlington FPFS
Head of Advisory, Chartered Financial Planner

Clare joined Bigmore Associates as a Chartered Financial Planner in 2021 and was made Head of Advisory in 2023. She brings with her over 19 years of industry experience. Highly qualified as a Fellow of the Professional Finance Society she previously worked at Standard Life Assurance Co as a Business Relationship Manager. Clare is passionate about helping clients achieve financial freedom and she can use her many skills to assist them on every step of that journey.

Outside of work Clare enjoys travelling around the UK and Europe with her husband and two sons.

Click here to book a free discovery call with Clare. 

Highlights from our Insights Page

As part of our passion for all things financial services, the team at Bigmore Associates prioritises providing financial education resources to both our clients and the general public.

We know that understanding finances can take away some of the anxiety people feel around this logistical element of life. Sharing our knowledge and expertise supports our belief that financial planning is not just for those with excessive wealth. It is for everyone.

Our Insights page is filled with information and tips covering every aspect of our business, your financial life and financial wellbeing. Here are some pieces which might be of interest to you. 

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a tax on the estate of someone who has died. There are several options available to reduce and sometimes completely mitigate IHT. The first thing to look at is the likely value of the estate on death and how much of that estate will be liable to IHT after deducting any available allowances. 

Navigating inheritance tax requires a clear understanding of its rules, exemptions, and planning strategies. This guide aims to demystify the subject and offer clarity and insight into how inheritance tax works and what you can do to mitigate it.

Teaching children about money can seem complex and overwhelming. There is so much to understand and navigate that it might not be so clear when, where and how to begin.

Know this; This is no one way to give children a financial education. What works for each child, each family will differ. And it is unlikely they will learn as quickly as you would like them to.

Though there is no fail-proof method, there are some basic concepts we can work to teach our children. And we can teach them in whatever way works for them and for us.

As many of us face the reality of ageing relatives, it might be on our mind to do what we can to ensure they are cared for in their later years.

This includes physical, mental, and financial health. And though these elements may be beyond our direct control, inaction can lead to stressful situations that could have been avoided if we just talked it through.

Though these techniques won’t work with everyone we have put together some of the ways we approach difficult conversations with loved ones.


In addition to the above, Bigmore Associates provides:

  • Corporate Protection
  • Payroll Services
  • Employee Benefits

If you would like to speak with us about any of the services we provide, please fill out the contact form below. 

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