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FREE GUIDE to Communicating an Employee Benefits Package

February 20, 2023

Do your employees value their employee benefits package?

In over 20 years in the industry the team at Bigmore Benefits has seen modest employee benefits packages do extremely well and comprehensive packages fall completely flat. 

The consistent difference between the success of one vs another is simple, Communication. 

In this day and age there is no shortage of ways to communicate with employees. Understanding what methods are available, as well as when and how to use each method, will aid you in communicating the employee benefits package in an effective and efficient way. This can help to encourage staff retention and can be used as an attractive incentive during the recruitment process. 

In our FREE guide to Communicating an Employee Benefits Package for Maximum Uptake & Engagement we go through the three different forms of communication, discuss the problem for HR and provide tips to communicating your employee benefits package.


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