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pension help

Bigmore Associates is offering free Pension & Mortgage reviews to your company.

With the ever-changing financial landscape, having access to the most up to date information and offers can make the difference between finding the best possible option for you vs whatever the internet suggests. The clinics we are offering are designed to help you start this process.

Each clinic consists of a short presentation which will cover:

  • – Budget planning and why it’s important 
  • – The Basics of a Pension
  • – How much is enough in retirement?
  • – Overview of the home buying process
  • – What to consider when your mortgage rate ends

After the presentation there will be an opportunity to have a 1-2-1 meeting to discuss your pension, mortgage or both. Whether you are looking for the basics of how to begin, or have questions about the next steps for you, we welcome anyone and everyone who is looking to understand or change their current situation.

The free review meetings will broadly consist of:

  • –  A 15-20 minute meeting with a Pension and/or Mortgage Adviser
  • –  Opportunity to discuss your personal situation when it comes to retirement planning or wider financial issues
  • – Time to ask any questions you did not want to ask during the presentation
  • –  A review of your current circumstances, whether a first mortgage or an existing one
  • –  A discussion on the best course of action e.g. secure new interest rate now/in future, further review of pension pots, etc.
  • –  Actions to take to improve mortgage acceptance in future (e.g. first time buyer, building a credit score, investment property etc)

Sessions are open for pre-booking. There may be walking appointments available, but pre-booking is suggested to guarantee your slot. 

*Note: Attendance at the presentation is not mandatory before having a 1-2-1 meeting. However, it is strongly suggest that you attend.

How to Book Your Place

Meetings will be set on a prearranged date which you can find in the email sent from your HR department.
If you are interested in booking an appointment please reply to that email and note which topic you would like to discuss. 

The Team of Advisors

Clare Ridlington FPFS
Head of Advisory, Chartered Financial Planner

Clare joined Bigmore Associates as a Chartered Financial Planner in 2021 and was made Head of Advisory in 2023. She brings with her over 19 years of industry experience. Highly qualified as a Fellow of the Professional Finance Society she previously worked at Standard Life Assurance Co as a Business Relationship Manager.

Supporting Independent Financial Advisers in Surrey and the surrounding area, consulting on all areas of their businesses from marketing and client communications through to profitability and technical updates. Clare is passionate about helping clients achieve financial freedom and she can use her many skills to assist them on every step of that journey.

Outside of work Clare enjoys travelling around the UK and Europe with her husband and two sons.

Chris Layzell

Chris Layzell Cert CII (MP & ER)
Head of Mortgages & Protections

Chris deals with all aspects of mortgages & protections including purchases, remortgages, buy to let mortgages and supporting life cover, as well as becoming an equity release specialist.

Chris is a big sports fan and keen cyclist; he can often be found cruising around the Surrey Hills in his spare time.

Highlights from our Insights Page

As part of our passion for all things financial services, the team at Bigmore Associates prioritises providing financial education resources to both our clients and the general public.

We know that understanding finances can take away some of the anxiety people feel around this logistical element of life. Sharing our knowledge and expertise supports our belief that financial planning is not just for those with excessive wealth. It is for everyone.

Our Insights page is filled with information and tips covering every aspect of our business, your financial life and financial wellbeing. Here are some pieces which might be of interest to you. 

Upon expiry of your initial mortgage contract it will be time to make a decision. 

Do you remortgage, do a product transfer, or even take a further advance? The choice you make when it comes to obtaining a new mortgage deal will depend on the lending market, your needs, wants and affordability. Let’s take a look at what each option is and why you might, or might not, choose them.

A pension might be the biggest source of income during your retirement.

Though you might be eligible for a state pension, which varies in amount based on your employment history, this sum alone is unlikely to be able to provide you with enough financial support in your later years. Therefore, the sooner you start paying into a pension offered by your employer, the more potential your pot has for growth before you reach retirement age. 

Have you ever made a budget?

Groceries, Christmas gifts, holiday fund, household expenses. If this answer is yes, then you have made a basic financial plan.

There is a misconception that financial planning is only for the rich. It’s true that those with a great deal of money or assets are likely to have someone to help manage them, but there is a difference between wealth management and financial planning.

In addition to Mortgages and Pensions, Bigmore Associates offers a range of services including:

  • Financial Planning for both long term and short term financial goals
  • Tax & Trust Planning
  • Will Writing
  • Power of Attorney
  • Probate Services
  • Protections
  • Payroll Services
  • Employee Benefits

To learn more about Bigmore Associates visit our About Us page. 


Special Discount Offer

Bigmore Associates is offering a discount of 10% on our services to new clients we meet at our clinics. 

There is no obligation to move forward with us after we have our first meeting. However, if you do opt to work with us on your mortgage, will or estate planning needs you are eligible for the 10% discount. 

For any additional information about Bigmore Associates or how we can best serve you email Or fill out the contact form below.