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The Cost of Care

November 15, 2022

Caring for Loved Ones

Whether it’s an aging relative, or a child or loved one with additional needs, organising and providing care at home can be a daunting task. There will be the help you want to provide, the help you need to provide and the help you can afford to provide, and reconciling it all means difficult and potentially costly decisions.

Though most people are aware that there are care agencies across the country, and various options for potential funding from the government, you do also have the option of employing a carer yourself. Yes, there are costs beyond the carers hourly rate, and will be additional admin tasks involved but direct payment can lead to considerable savings.

Agency Costs

When you work with an agency, you are not only paying for the carer. You are also paying a contribution to the overheads of the agency. This will include all admin tasks, business costs, a contribution towards the salary of the admin and management team at the agency, etc. An agency may charge you £17 – £20 an hour but only £12 – £14 of that will actually go to the carer looking after your loved one. 

If you need a carer for 20 hours a week, 52 weeks of the year your yearly costs with an agency will be £17,680. 

This is based on paying the agency an hourly rate of £17 per hour where the carer could be making as little as £12 per hour. 

That is an extra £5 per hour or £100 a week for the agency services. 

Direct Payment Costs

If you decide you want to employ a carer directly at a rate of £12 per hour for 20 hours of work a week, 52 weeks of the year, over the course of a year you will have paid £12,480 towards their salary. 

Even when factoring in National Insurance, pension contribution, holiday cover AND working with Bigmore Associates, the total savings between direct payment and working with an agency is over £4,000 a year.

Payroll services does not have to be costly. As the included graphic lays out, and entire year of payroll service from Bigmore Associate Payroll is only £240. That’s less than one month of what an agency charges. 

By employing direct, you can guarantee high standards and continuity of care. Putting you back in control of one of the most important decisions you will make for your loved ones. 

If you’re worried about the admin involved with this, let Bigmore Payroll and Pensions help. 

Working with Our Payroll Team

Bigmore payroll and pensions have created a payroll solution specifically for employing care staff. Starting from as little as £20 per month for up to 3 members of staff, we will help you register as an employer, organise a pension scheme, monitor holidays, produce payslips, P60 and P45 and assist you with staying compliant with legislation and employment laws. Our method takes what can seem to be overwhelming administrative tasks off of your plate, helping to lighten your mental load during what might already be an emotional and challenging time. 

By working with Bigmore payroll and pensions to help you on this journey you will have peace of mind that the complication of becoming an employer is being taken care of, leaving you free to spend quality time with your family.


by Emma DaviesSenior Payroll Technician


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