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How Timing Impacts Your Investment

March 25, 2024

Investments are impacted by what is happening in the world. In the last few years we have seen a pandemic, wars, high rates of inflation and a general volatility across all financial markets.

If you have seen this instability reflected in your investment portfolio it is worth taking into account the timing of your investment. Especially if you are comparing your portfolio’s performance to another.

In this video, Julian Strauss explains the importance timing has on your investments and gives an example of how just a few months can have an impact on a portfolios performance.

Our Investment Approach

At Bigmore Financial Planning we have designed tailored investment solutions, each with a clear objective of achieving a set target return. This return will vary dependant on the level of risk of the underlying portfolio. Which portfolio is right for you will depend on the agreed level of risk you are comfortable with.

Our investment approach is central to our financial planning advice process. 

We have three core principles:

Spreading your investment across a range of assets classes on a global basis is one of the best ways to reduce investment risk. On average, the funds within our Core Investment Strategies invest in over 4,000 underlying holdings.
We choose funds that invest in line with a specific risk and reward profile. This means that there is more certainty with the return we can expect. This helps ensure the assumptions we use within the cashflow planning are as accurate as possible.
We ensure that costs remain as low as possible. Over time this cost saving can provide a substantial boost to your investment returns.

To find out more about our investment approach and the process of implementing it click here.

If you’d like to speak with someone about how our approach would impact your investments, fill out the contact form below. 

Please note: The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice, Trusts, Wills or some forms of Buy to Let.

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