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Why Your Health & Wellbeing Programme is NOT Benefitting Your Employees

January 9, 2024

What is the driving force behind your employee health and wellbeing programme?

Do you see it as an important offering which can increase their happiness and productivity or do you see it as just a tick box exercise?

The aim of an employee health and wellbeing programme should be to add real value to the lives of your employees. To provide them with support and guidance on the issues they face both inside and outside of the office. This can include healthy rest and diet, stress management, ways to maximise productivity, navigating digital overwhelm, as well as physical and mental health concerns.

It should come as no surprise that having happy and healthy employees benefits a business’s bottom line. Sick days and staff turnover can have a significant impact on a company’s finances.

But how do you provide resources that have a truly meaningful impact?

This is where Bigmore Benefits can help. We have a variety of comprehensive health and wellbeing options suited to any business. No matter your size, no matter your budget. We will take on every step of the process in designing a programme that will meet the needs of your employees. Our programmes are built around the specific issues and concerns they face, with support and guidance provided by our network of expert practitioners and speakers in their respective fields.

For further details on our Health & Wellbeing Programme offerings, visit the website below:

Or to book a discover call with Jane Sykes, Health & Wellbeing Programme Coordinator, click here.

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